To save money when you shop, use coupons

Start out by taking a few paper coupons with you when you go shopping next time, even if you're not used to couponing. After a while, you can join more of these couponing do's and don'ts to save more money.

Couponing doesn't have to feel like a long race or take up a lot of time in your week. Follow at least one of these couponing rules, and you'll start to control how much money you spend and save over the course of the month.


Do You Know How to Find Coupons?

The first thing you need to do when you start couponing is to get some. Ideally, you should keep a stash of coupons for the stores and brands you usually go to, so you can always find money at the register when you need to pay for things. If you want to start your coupon hunt, plan your week after week dinners around deal items, if possible. That helps you keep track of your limits without having to use coupon books or coupons. If you want to find in-store deals, look for advanced flyers on supermarket websites.

There is also a free app called Askmeoffers. It sends out a flyer for each store every week, as well as coupons and deals from more than 2,000 stores. Amazon, Walmart, and Flipkart are some of the stores that Askmeoffers has flyers for every week. You can add the offers you find to the in-app shopping list to help you keep track of what you're doing as you shop. Then, after your virtual or paper shopping list has all the food you need for the week, add in things like toilet paper or cleaning supplies that you need to keep in stock. You're now ready to look for coupons for everything on your shopping list.

CouponsABC also has apps for your phone that let you find and get advanced coupons at the checkout. Apps are your best friend if you don't want to spend time and money printing coupons. Among paper and digital coupons, you should keep an eye on savings on some of the things on your shopping list for the coming week. Look on the internet for the item's name and "coupon" if you can't find a coupon for it.

Remember to look at the coupons they print out at the register after you finish shopping. Most of the time, these are based on what you buy, so there might be a way to use them. On the other hand, there might be percent-off limits on your all-out deal cost if you spend more than a certain amount. To make your shopping list, you don't need to keep a copy of every coupon you see. To save money, find the most you can, and make sure to check the end dates so you can shop at the right time to save money.


Make sure to combine coupons with apps that give you cash back when you buy things

To save money, coupons usually give you a percentage off or a certain amount off for example 30% off on fashion by using Myntra coupon code. Be that as it may, if you want to save a lot on your weekly basic food item pick, you can use cash-back reward apps to get refunds for buying certain items. As with coupons, you can look for discount openings before you go to the store to get money back for things you were going to buy anyway. A few well-known applications you can use to win prizes are:


No, do not sign up for store savings cards

At the stores where you shop, try to get reward cards. In most cases, store rewards cards give customers extra money in the form of remuneration points or limits. Some devotional programmes also send extra coupons to the post office.


To save the most money, keep everything in order

Sort coupons to keep them open when you go shopping. The last thing you want to do is forget about a coupon when you're shopping or not remember your coupons at home. As a leader, you don't need a complicated system or a lot of money. Easy-going couponers can pick up a coupon for Oyo to save money on hotels, they also group coupons into different groups, like flight or cabs.


Make sure you know how your store deals with coupons

It depends on what your store does. If the deal isn't available, does your store double coupons, match prices, accept competitor coupons, or give IOUs? If you don't know what to do, look up coupon arrangements on the web. The coupon rules for stores like Walmart and Target can be found on their websites, like at or Stores don't want to lose out on a possible deal because a competitor has a slightly lower sticker price, so many will value match to get the deal. Stores change their prices to match a deal at another nearby store.


Do You Know the Best Deals and Sale Patterns at the Local Stores You Shop at Most?

Shop at the stores that have the best deals on that kind of thing, like canned goods or toiletries, and you can use any coupon you have. Keeping your attention as you look around is important. When you shop at a lot of different stores over time, you learn about their prices and deal structures. The bread and bagels in your local Walmart might be marked down on certain days of the week. Or, on the other hand, maybe your town's Kroger has better prices and more frequent limits on frozen suppers than your town Publix does.

As you become more familiar with this kind of information, you can be more specific about where you look for certain things. This way, you can get the best results when you search for things. Shopping for a single basic food item doesn't need to take a lot of time or gas. For certain items, couponing at stores that are likely to have bargains or just better prices on that type of item can be a good idea.


Don't start too quickly

When you first start couponing, it can be scary if you find a lot of coupons and have to figure out a lot of numbers. Coupons with the most value should be the ones you use on your first few trips to the store. Bring three half-off coupons, or your best dollar-value coupons, and that may look like a good idea.

When you're ready, you can try using coupons to buy things that are on sale, but don't get too creative until you can figure out if things are good deals and give coupons to the cashier.



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